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Cianaa Technologies brings international expertise amalgamated with on ground deep local professionals to deliver services for the success of the client. Cianaa is small but growing company specialized for security Audit Company. Our vision is simply stated: "To turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, people, and the capital markets." We take the needs of each of these groups very seriously.

We have people of more than fifteen different nationalities working in our team. Our people can work together in a professional environment where they can nurture and develop their existing skills and ambitions. Our cultural diversity underpins the range of skills and services we offer, and helps enable us to deliver value to the Thai business community as well as the international business community. Our values govern the principles on which we work and are widely respected. At the same time we are committed to making an investment back into our communities.

Ather Technology trading as Cianaa Technologies (The only PCI DSS QSA) registered in 3rd PCI QSA in New Zealand; specializing in information security governance, risk and compliance. Cianaa is specialized in providing services related cloud security, governance and compliance for CEMEA and New Zealand region. The company has strong background in providing consultancy to secure the cloud and enterprise architecture. The Ather Technology has Registered "Cianaa Technologies" as Trade Mark to Brand the Security Services. For Ather Technology "CIANAA" means Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Non-repudiation, Authentication and Auditing. Ather Technology uses Cianaa Technologies as a Brand name to offer security services including security audit and compliances. 

Cianaa Technologies is recognized for its consultancy in cloud security and governance. Cianaa Technologies maintains a staff of highly skilled security professionals and auditors. These abilities help us go beyond simply assessing your security posture as well as to providing detailed recommendations for creating a comprehensive security strategy. The company also sub-contracts with the best in industry to provide exact services for the requirements.

Cianaa staff is thorough professionals and comprise of PhDs and industry professionals with diverse knowledge. The diversity is the true weapon to demonstrate professional skills for specified tasks Cianaa also endeavours to provide best consultants for the requested job especially dealing in information security and cloud governance. For, Cianaa, client is utmost priority and Cianaa go extra mile to sustain the relationship with honesty and integrity. Cianaa also have technical experts with the security auditors to perform meticulous audits

Cianaa has offices in New Zealand, UAE, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Europe and USA

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