CEOs and Security

  • Why Security is Important?

    The information security breaches are everywhere. It can happen to any organization, enterprise, government and user. The proactive organizations stage the information security management as priority and it becomes an important agenda in the board meetings, Managment decsions and maturity of organization. This is important to insure that return on investment, timely risk treatment and strong decisions to beep the security. By this, the organzations create the "culture of cyber security" that is structurized through the managment seriouness to make it effective.

  • What is Wisdom behind good Security?

    The security is an attitute which grooms in the culture of the organization. This culture of security is reflexion of CEO personum that travels down in the organization to make sure everyone believes in maintaining the security because every bit, byte, mega byte, tera byte has a business, monetry and legal value. The proactive CEOs maintain the security posture with his think tanks to make sure the organization is security resilient

  • Simple Approach for CEOs....

    • Managment Responsibility to take security as responsibility
    • Proactive Risk Management with periodic cycles of re-assessments
    • Security is Priroty before Security Breach happens
    • Independant Security Audit is crucial for security maturity
    • Information security and Legal¬†Compliances brings validity to your organization
    • Continuous monitoring and remediation, a small step towards a great improvement

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