Simplifying Security Compliances

The enterprises know that security is not a day’s work, but requires a continuous effort through the security precision and meticulous planning. We have seen that sometimes security compliance becomes painful for CEOs, CFOs and CIOs.The Enterprises gets entangles when compliance takes over their nerves. Cianaa Technologies makes it simple, simplifies it and takes that organization through a tension free compliance process. We add complementary training and awareness that is always included in the cost. This enables organizations to stay compliant in the long run.

Cianaa Motto is "We Endeavour to go extra miles to turn compliance into a painless process"

We have experience of working with all types of merchants, credit card issuers, acquirers, banks, big brand stores and government departments that need our help for PCI compliances, ISO 27001, HIPAA, NZISM and COBIT.

Small and Medium Size Business

We regard Small and Medium size business heart of economic fortune in New Zealand and in the world. We know that a small company generates more profits and business reputation. The business need to secure the data from theft, fraud and breaches. The impact results in bad reputation and loss of clients. Cianaa Technologies help to secure your business processes and improve information security. By doing this, we ease you to concentrate more on your business to generate more revenue.

Enterprise and Government

The government and enterprises are key organizations of the country, creating security governance examples for other organizations to follow. We have developed security programs that improve their compliance, security governance and privacy within these organizations. We have a special strategy that combines “Cianaa” and create the trustworthy architecture to pass compliance with flying colours. We also provide Cianaa-education, awareness training program periodically to enable a culture of security.

Your Expectations with Us

  • Competent and Independant Auditor

    You get the best Lead auditor, PCI QSA, Cloud governance expert and privacy implementer that takes you from the very first phase to the end as consultants and quality assessors. We make sure our clients smile after our work.

  • We Ease Business

    Any form of disruption in organization causes monetary loss. We make sure that our work do not impact the business with a smooth PCI business as usual style compliance.

  • Certified Auditors

    We provide you with the certified auditors who have proven record of success.

  • Solving Your Problem

    We believe in easing burdens of our clients by helping them. We simplify your compliance to free your mind from any past complexities you might have experienced.

  • Our Attitute

    What makes champions, its dedication, an attitude and proactive synergy. We go out of the way to help our clients to achieve security, governance and compliances

  • Cianaa Mind Set

    Cianaa is acronym of security. We with our values simply do cianaa within the organizations to not just achieve security with respect to one standard, we cianaa to gain security governance with other security standards

Our Partners