PCI Compliance Services

Ather Technology trading as Cianaa Technologies is New Zealand company registered as QSA operating in CEMEA and New Zealand region listed on PCI site. We know that PCI Compliance is an essential proactive strategy that saves millions for those business that stores, processes and transmit credit cardholder data. The PCI compliance can be complex, arduous and difficult to manage in a business as usual environment. We simplify the PCI compliance complexity to meet the need of everyday business without any hassle and disruption. We think proactively and serve all organizations either big of small. We will cover your compliance to help you achieve security, maintain the compliance and feel at home with us. Our Expert staff is there to help with a “Cianaa Mind “, our brand to simplify complexity to achieve positive results for our clients. So call us, mail us and contact us for an executive journey through compliance with out troubles

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PCI Audit & Certification

We are qualifies and registered Qualified Security Assessor for PCI DSS Standard. We provide Level 1 onsite audit, ROC and AOC with certification.

Penetration Testing for PCI

We provide annual penetration testing for PCI DSS compliance under requirement 11.3 which includes black and grey box testing which includes 6.5 code reviews & test.

Our Commitment to You

  • Simplify PCI Compliance

     Our clients are very important for us. The compliance to PCI is sometimes complex.We simplify your compliance to free your mind from problems.We take your burden on our shoulders to handle all your worries.

  • Qualified PCI Assessor

    You get the best QSA that takes you from the very first phase to the end as consultants and quality assessors. We make sure our clients smile after our work

  • Business as Usual

    We acknowledge business disruption cause losses during compliance. Our PCI audit stratedy is based on business as usual without disruption to your business units.

  • Dedication to Our Clients

    We make sure to give 100% dedication to work and make our client happy. We from the start of PCI compliance audits are transparent and dedicate to achieve security conformity.

Managed Compliance as Service

We manage your compliance from day 1 to day end. We do not have any hidden costs. We ensure our clients to have assurance through our managed services called Compliance as a Service. Compliance as a service means that we will take care of your compliance through out the year to ensure that your security controls are in place and pay periodic visits to help your PCI Health up to the standards.

If you don't need QSA level 1 services, we can even help you with the filling the SAQ and providing necessary training to understand the PCI Security controls. 

Our strategy and steps to complete the PCI compliance are stated below.

We work with organizations to define the scope of PCI project and help organizations to have a clearer view of project scope. We Kick off with scoping exercise that helps in identifying:-

  • Network components that transmits card holder data
  • Data flow of card holder data
  • People involve in the scope
  • Stakeholder involved in scope
  • Documentation relevant to scope

With the available information, gap analysis is performed by using the documentation, statement of applicability, data and initial interviews. The main reason is to draw a remediation plan that helps to mitigate the risks. Cianaa simplify complexity into compliance readiness to help organizations achieve easy and successful compliance.

Remediation prepares organizations to achieve maximum level of compliance. Then Comprehensive on-site assessment is performed which gives enough information for ROC, AOC with rigorous Quality Assurance. Successful submission of ROC, AOC helps our client to achieve PCI Compliance .

We also provide services to review the network architecture according to the PCI DSS requirements for complaince and also to minimize the scope to reduce the costs.

We also help our clients to assess their security environment and fill their SAQs. We provide these services to enable our clients to understand PCI DSS requirements and fill accordingly .

As a premium security company we also provide training to our clients to make sure continuous improvement in the organization and they are intact with the PCI advancements.