Why Penetration Testing

It is true and statistics show that every person in his life has attempted to hack anyone once. It is an attitude which has given laws like data protection, privacy and identity. For centuries the breach of data have been in the world. Today the data has a value for business, technology and return on investment. Every enterprise endevors to use every possible means to secure the information through secure technical instrumentation. At some point of time, despite being vigilant in preserving the security, the enterprise may slack a bit that may allow the others to penetrate the enterprise. This can happen to anyone and consequence is sometimes havoc or a million dollars in fine. It is more complex today, an age of "hybrid data". The architectural shape of data is virtually ubiquitous and requires more security vigilance. The data can be in mobile phones, tablets, watches, in apps, laptops, computers, servers and cloud. It is difficult to keep the data in one place and secure. The proactive way to test the security of such environment is Penetrating Testing to assess the vulnerability and confirm the existence of a flaw in the security system. 

How Cianaa Does it

Cianaa technologies use various methods to explore the vulnerabilities in the enterprise security governance structure. We use following methods to proactively assess your organization against the security flaws:-

  • Social Engineering Techniques are used to test the security governance of the organization, though qualitative and quatitative methods against the ISO 27001 standard incorporating Black box testing.

    • Black Box (physical) in Social Engineering: it means physically penetrating the organization by exploiting security processes and nonconformity to ISO 27002 Annexure controls.
    • Black Box (Computer Mediated Attacks): Deploying social engineering attacks through websites, email, social engineering tools, SMS, telephonic conversation.
  • Penetration Testing (PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, Health Information Systems, Gov)

    • Vulnerability analysis
    • Penetration Testing 
    • Risks Assessment 
    • Code Reviews
    • Mobile Code reviews
    • Testing of hybrid infrastructure under PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and Government Regulations
  • Mock Cyber Attack for Proactive Security Governance

    • Mock Cyber Attack to test Enterprise Readiness and resiliency
    • Mock, Social Engineering attack