We Join Hands to reduce the risk and increase your reliability, trustworthiness and security governance...Cianaa Technologies are here to assist, help and organize . . . .

Developing strong core business value brings return on investment. These are achieved not from a single process, but it requires the strategic alignment of social, technical and legal controls to transform governance effectively. It is accomplished through a managed Enterprise Wide risk assessment to forecast the true nature of the threats, issues and problems that can deprive Enterprises to achieve business success.


We assist Chief Executives, Directors, auditors, CFOs, CIOs and CISO to proactively develop a strong and sustainable governance to manage the risks and threats.  We can work with you to:-


  • Proactively evaluate social, technical and legal risks
  • Determine residual risks
  • Select, create, design and implement the controls that mitigate the risks
  • Monitoring for continuous improvement of sustainable governance structure



We are here to help you to develop sustainable governance....