About Us

Cianaa: A Company that embodies Cybersecurity in its identity

Cianaa is an Australasian company providing compliance and accreditation in cybersecurity. We have changed the way companies think about compliance and accreditation. We create a feeling of “Continuous Improvement” through our diverse principles. We have an expert eye of a “cybersecurity lens” and grounded our work accomplishments in the client’s improvement.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most reliable and trusted partner for organizations looking to strengthen their cyber security through expert evaluations and assessments supported by evidence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way companies think about audits and assessments by bringing results through evidence-driven reports to preserve the integrity of the findings and bring conscientious and defendable results.

Our Process

We owe our success to a one-of-a-kind methodology that allows us to evaluate systems with accuracy, backed by evidence. Our approach is simple and unified, ensuring reliable cybersecurity assessments.

Changing the way companies think about Compliance and Certification

Cianaa is a disruption to the legacy model of compliance and accreditation auditing. Our work is objective, impartial and has profound analysis to raise assurance levels through immersive auditing.      



A decade of expertise


Successful cases


what makes us different

The values we live by

Creative Unified Approach

We use a multi-audit approach to unify our assertions through the triangulation of evidence emerging from different standards.

Integrity & Trust

Our work speaks of integrity and build trust within our relationship with the clients.

No Hidden Cost

We have no hidden costs and provide competitive price. Always give one Quote with no extra costs.


We are evidence drive. We do not write reports based on assumptions but strongly backed by evidence.


Our Experts are approachable and you can contact them anytime for fair advice.

Going The Extra Mile

We do our best for going an extra mile to serve our client.

With you every step of the process

From scoping to assessment



Accurate scoping of a system is important to initialise the project correctly.



The auditors carries assessment collect evidence based on scope.



Reporting triangulates the data from sources of evidence to create a defendable report.

Industries Sectors We Serve

Payment Card Industry

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Financial & Fintech

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AI & Big Data

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Cloud and Datacentres

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Health and Safety

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USA, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific

Our Presence is Global

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