Our Commitment to Impartiality

Our commitment

Impartiality Statement

We, Cianaa are committed to maintaining impartiality in all of our operations and decision-making processes. We pledge to not show favouritism or discrimination towards any individuals, groups, or organizations, and to act in an objective and unbiased manner at all times. We recognize the importance of impartiality in building trust and maintaining integrity, and we strive to uphold these values in all of our interactions and engagements with stakeholders.

Our Auditors Commitment


Conflict of Interest

We have procedures to avoid any situation that may create a conflict of interest, such as financial or personal relationships with stakeholders, to ensure that decisions are impartial and not driven by personal gain..


Code of Conduct

Every auditor signs a code of conduct that includes guidelines on impartiality to ensure that employees understand the importance of objectivity and are held accountable for upholding it.



Our auditors come from diverse fields and nationalities that can help ensure that different perspectives and voices align with compelling reasons to form the basis of assessment. Diversity reduces the noise of influence and creates objective results in decision-making and stakeholder interactions.


Encourage Feedback

Encouraging feedback and complaints from stakeholders can help to identify any potential issues of impartiality and take appropriate action. It is a moment of continuous improvement and we thrive to take every notion of feedback in our process.

Our Auditors Commitment