Assessment Brilliance to Inspire a Risk Control Cyber Space
An objective assessor can verify that the company is in compliance with relevant laws, regulations and industry standards that helps the company avoid penalties, fines and boost customer confidence.
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ISO and Privacy Certification
A certification is important to align management system by recognizing issues and improving processes through ISO standard's evolving nature.
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Cloud Security

Why Choose Us
Unleash the Potential of Cyber Assessments with Our Distinctive and Diverse Approach

We achieve a smooth and productive process that eliminates redundant work and saves your precious time by conducting a unified assessment of various standards. By implementing a well-defined audit methodology, we bring a level of consistency and efficiency to the process, ultimately reducing the required time and effort.

Collecting extensive evidence is crucial in ensuring the validity of conclusions and recommendations in security assessments. Using more than three sources of evidence enhances the reliability of the results. It reduces the bias reflexivity and strengthens findings. The corroboration of multiple sources of evidence increases the reliability of results.

We present information supported by evidence to ensure its accuracy. We present factual information based on verified truths rather than personal opinions. The aim is to provide information that is trustworthy, conscientious and defendable.

We use a systematic approach to evaluate security controls’ effectiveness. The “findings” clearly explain the correct posture of the risk level associated with the control objective. The findings determine the qualitative value of the risk, reduced or elevated. The goal is to provide a true and accurate risk level assessment so that the auditee takes appropriate measures to mitigate it.

Benefits of Choosing Cianaa


Experienced specialists

Our Lead Assessors boast over 20 Years of Expertise in Cybersecurity. With a Legacy of Contributions to Global Security Standards.


Pedictable results

Our Auditors Deliver Reliable Outcomes through Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence Analysis with Assertions That Ensure Stability and Predictability.


Continuous Improvement

Cianaa Strives for Excellence, Achieving Unsurpassed Customer Satisfaction Through Consistent Enhancement of Services, Streamlined Processes, and Empowered Staff.


Strategy to Success

The Integration of Diverse Reasoning and Robust Evidence Validation Results in a Reliable Audit, Propelling the Auditee Toward Success with Enhanced Processes.  

Our Macro Services

Multi-Audit Approach

Unifying multiple standards assessments guarantees better decision-making with increased reliability and validity, minimizing the chance of single-source bias or error.

Payment Card Industry

Our Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) have honed their expertise for nearly a decade, delivering unparalleled PCI DSS standards assessments. Our QSA specialists are true experts in their field.

Government Assessments

Trust in our expertise assurance services for seamless and secure technology operations. We do an in-depth assessment of technology products serving the government, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

ISO and Privacy Certifications

Achieve the recognition your organization deserves with our ISO certifications. Our certifications cover a range of standards, including Cybersecurity, Health and Safety, Quality Assurance, and Environmental Management, to ensure your organization is at the forefront of best practices.

Training Material Module

Empower your team with the knowledge they need for success. Knowledge Management, Knowledge transfer and self-sufficiency are core values grounded in our courses. We offer various training options to help make your staff productive and capable of understanding the relevant standards.

Penetration Assessment

Stay ahead of potential security threats with our specialized penetration testing services. Explicitly designed for PCI DSS and government environments, our RED Team practices simulate real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities in your system. Our tests inform about exposures and provide remediation recommendations.

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Web Application Security Testing

Cloud Security

In house PCI DSS

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ISO Standards Training

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Internal Audit Training​

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Streamline Your Compliance Journey with Our Unwavering Assistance.

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