Penetration Testing : Realtime Method
to Assess Risks

We offer a professional advice penetration testing services designed to run realworld simulated attacks to unearth the vulnerabilities that could cause devastation to the systems if these are not disclosed.

A Due Diligence APPROACH

GET BETTER RESUlts and advantages


Identify Vulnerabilities


Prioritise Risks​


Improve Security Controls​


Mandatory for Compliance​


Provide Realistic View​


Identify Unseen Threats


Step for Due Diligence​


System Hardening​

We Use Hands
On Methods

The goal of proprietary penetration testing is to identify and mitigate potential security risks before they can be exploited by actual attackers.

  • We dig into to system using our scripts to identify the vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
  • Our methods take more time, but the results are rigorous and defendable.
  • Testers use manual methods to research vulnerabilities and unearth issues in your systems.
  • The testing is closer to real-world cyber attacks that test the threshold of your systems.
  • We use targeted risk analysis and methods to assess the risks.

Penetration Testing Services

Range of services provided to handle the legislative, regulatory and international standards requirements.

Supplementary Services

We offer a multitude of services to evaluate your systems.

  1. Identify potential threats: that could negatively impact the organization, such as natural disasters, cyber attacks, or insider threats.

  2. Evaluate likelihood and impact of each potential threat occurring and the potential impact it would have on the organization.

  3. Determine countermeasures: to mitigate or prevent the identified threats. This may include implementing security controls, developing incident response plans, or training employees.

  4. Monitoring and reviewing effectiveness of the countermeasures and reviewing the threat assessment process to identify areas for improvement.

We analyse results against your risks to present actual probability and residual risk.

  1. Identify vulnerabilities: and address potential vulnerabilities in software before they are exploited by attackers. 
  2. Compliance: Many industries and regulations require that software be reviewed for security vulnerabilities before it is released. 
  3. Improve security: can improve the overall security of a software application by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle.
  4. Improve quality: improve the overall quality of a software application by identifying and addressing coding errors and logic flaws.
  5. Improve reputation: By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in software before it is released. 
  6. Identify new threats: identify new and emerging threats that organizations may not have considered previously.

The security architecture review considers the IT systems running in your organization. We collect the penetration testing report, and our SMEs evaluate the architecture robustly to ensure assessment identifies the potential threats and weaknesses.

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