We take great pride in our ability to attract the brightest individuals to join our team.

We recruit the best people for our services who are upright, impartial and professional. Our staff have a legal, business and innovative mind to produce results essential for the growth of the company. They are the company–not the employees and help organizations to improve productivity, stay competitive, and comply with regulations.

Highly Educated

Our people come from various fields and highly educated. We are happy to recruit PhDs specialising in their fields,


Our staff shows excellent ethics, responsiveness to clients, reliability, self-motivated to go the extra mile and adaptability to the requirements.


Our success is our staff who has integrity, truthfulness and an objective mind with no room for reflexivity. Our people adhere to a code of ethics and trustworthy to do the right thing even when no one is watching.

Our Team

Our team comes from different backgrounds and qualifications. The diverse knowledge gives better results and excellent outcomes

Dr Rizwan Ahmad

Managing Practice Lead

Syed Saad Arshad Kazmi

Lead QSA and Assessor Australia

Carew Hatherley

Lead Assessor Governance

Jenny Low

Cianaa Pioneer

Muhammed Bilal

Technical Director USA

Mehar un Nisa

Lead Assessor​

Dr Irum Nosheed

Systems Assessor

Asma Khan

Quality Assurance and Compliance Lead

Muhammad Shaheer

Digital Marketing

Muhammad Shalabhay

Lead Assessor

Ahmad Khan

Threat and Penetration Tester

Dr Shams Qazi

Team Lead Audit Reviewer

Inderjeet Singh

Cybersecurity Assessor

Adam Hyatt

Website Partner

Frank po Chin

Operational Manager

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Impartial Committee Member

Anthony Stephenson


Dr Memoona .J. Anwar


Adnan Abbas


Dr Zeeshan Shahzad


Minahil Rizwan

Proof reader

Our People Diverse Industry Experience

Payment Card Industry

Financial & Fintech



AI & Big Data

Cloud and Datacentres


Health and Safety

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USA, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific

Our Staff is Global