Mitigate Risks through Unified Control Assessment

Specialist in PCI DSS, ISO, SWIFT and Government security standards

Multi-Assessments enlighted our clients with a comparative assessment of security controls to align with different standards and save their precious time. 

Ensuring compliance, improving performance: The power of

The auditor multi-standard audit approach, in which the auditor assesses the organization’s compliance with multiple standards during a single audit engagement. There are several benefits to conducting a multi-standard audit:

  1. It can save time and resources through multiple audits simultaneously.
  2. A multi-standard audit can cover a wider range of areas, giving the organization a better understanding of its overall compliance posture.
  3. It can help identify opportunities for improvement.
  4. Multiple controls can reduce risks.

We Bridge NZISM, ISO 27001, SWIFT and PCI DSS

Using Common Methodology

Establish a consistent methodology for conducting the audits. This will allow gathering common controls of standards to streamline the process and reduce the amount of time required for each audit.

Leverage Technology

Use technology to automate certain aspects of the audit process, such as data collection and analysis. It helps to reduce the amount of time required for each audit and aids impartial analysis.

Multi-Audit Methodology- Triangulation Approach.
Simplifying and Synthesizing

Using a team approach

Assign specific tasks to different members of the audit team. It helps to ensure that the audit is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Continuously Improve

Continuously review and improve the audit process, make necessary changes to ensure that it is efficient, effective, and aligned with the organization's goals.

A Due Diligence APPROACH



Analysis Standards

Analyse controls in standards followed by company.


Map Controls

Map each control with similarity and distinctive definitions.


Unify Controls

Unify similar controls and add distinct controls to improve assessment. 


Validate Controls

Validate controls effectiveness and validate the control.

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