The Essential Eight: The ultimate defense
against cyber threats

The Essential Eight Maturity Model helps organizations assess and
improve their cybersecurity posture.

Australian Government

A government standard guidelines to improve the cybersecurity of organisations.

Australian Government

A government standard guidelines to improve the cybersecurity of organisations.

Prioritization with the Essential Framework

It provides a roadmap for organizations to prioritize their cybersecurity efforts, ensuring that they are focusing on the most critical risks.

Improved Security Posture

By implementing the Essential Eight, organizations can significantly improve their overall security posture, reducing their risk of a successful cyber attack.

Cost Saving

It is a cost-effective approach to cybersecurity, as it focuses on the most critical risks and does not require extensive investment in technology.

A Best Practice Guidance

Implementing best practices from government standard for cybersecurity can help protect citizens, businesses, and the country as a whole from the growing threat of cyberattacks

Improved Guidance

Many organizations are required to comply with cybersecurity regulations and standards. Essential Eight provides a roadmap to meet these requirements and improve overall compliance.

The Assessment Philosophy

Planning and Preparation

The auditor works on the scope of the audit establishes objectives and develops a plan for conducting the audit.


The auditors identify the people, processes and technologies that are in scope for the audit and identify potential attack vectors using design review and threat assessment.

Devising Audit Methodology

Considering risks derived from the threat assessment, the auditors devise robust method to evaluate each control sufficing due diligence

Innovative Audit

We integrate a multi-method approach using NZISM, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 and PCI DSS to guide the audit process. The approach makes the audit rigorous.

Effectiveness of Control

The auditor looks into the effectiveness of the control to verify its presence to reduce the likelihood of threat and risks.


The auditors collect and collate the evidence from different sources to conclude. The auditors take the necessary step to draw an evidence-based report.

Why Choose Us
We use diverse approach to Evidence Corroboration.

Saves time by using audit methodology through unfied assessment of different standards.

Having Tri or more sources of evidences gives credible results for cyber security assessments.

We state true facts or findings corroborated by evidence.

The audit methology indicates the your probable risks and, findings give you true posture of risk-Mitigated or elevated !!!